EPI’s team of experienced technicians are qualified to commission, maintain, and upgrade electrical power systems in various types of facilities. They have expertise in all aspects of power systems, including the switchyard and substation, to ensure safe and reliable operation. Trust EPI’s team to maintain and improve your facility’s power systems, preventing any issues from arising.

NICET Certified

EPI employs NICET certified technicians that have undergone rigorous training and have passed rigorous exams to earn this certification. This means that they are highly qualified and well-equipped to handle a wide range of tasks related to engineering and technology, including electrical testing and maintenance. 

Electrical Testing

From 240V panelboards to 240kV switch yards, EPI has the experience and equipment to test all types of electrical equipment.  For the last 30+ years EPI has performed NETA electrical acceptance testing on thousands of pieces of equipment.

Transformer Services

EPI has years of experience with commissioning and assembly of new transformers. This includes inspection, bushing installation, vacuum filling and full acceptance testing.

EPI can also maintain and extend the life of existing transformers. Services include oil vacuum processing, leak repairs, accessory replacement, bushing replacement, etc.

Electrical Repair and Maintenance

EPI is acutely aware of the financial impact of power system down-time. EPI will spare no effort to ensure that any customer’s system is re-energized first safely and then as quickly as is possible. EPI has been working with industry and government facilities for numerous years in this field and offers a wealth of experience and resources in repairing power systems.

Life Cycle Extension

Most switchgear reaches its end of service life due to the circuit breakers and protective relays within it becoming unreliable. EPI can greatly extend the service life of most switchgear with circuit breaker overhauls, circuit breaker retrofits, retrofills, and protective relay system modernization.

Generator Controls Systems

EPI is experienced in the upgrade of older generating systems. Whether it is replacing a switchboard for two 500KW generators in a communication facility or replacing the control system for the largest standby power plant in the DOD, EPI has done it.