EPI’s HEMP Shielding team can design, build, test and maintain critical shielded facilities. Our skilled engineers and technicians have help our customers around the globe ensuring their facilities are protected from EMP threats.


EPI has extensive experience designing all types of shielded enclosures from portable back-up power systems to large fixed facilities. Our teams contains respected HEMP specialist that will ensure that all aspects of your shielded facility will meet the MIL-STD-188-125 specifications. EPI has experience with both portable, transportable, modular and fixed shielded volumes.


EPI has designed and built many HEMP structures. We have built portable trailer movable structures to large fixed facilities. EPI can also assist with HEMP shield retrofits or modifications.


EPI has experience performing all types of testing required in MIL-STD-188-125. Our experienced team has performed countless testing projects for dozens of customers worldwide. Our team has experience performing Appendix A, B and C testing including shield effectiveness, pulsed current injection and continuous wave immersion testing. EPI has also helped customers achieve HEMP certification and meet NC3 requirements.


EPI can perform hardness maintenance and surveillance (HM/HS) to ensure your facility is as good as it was when it was first built. We perform pre and post work testing to ensure shielding levels are maintained. Our experienced technicians have years of experience with all types of shielded POE treatments. Our team can also make recommendations and upgrades to decrease maintenance needs of your facility.


EPI has developed custom products to help the HEMP shielding effort. These include a medium voltage HEMP disconnect switch and a real-time shield effectiveness monitoring system. EPI also sells a portable hand held leak detection system for monitoring the shield effectiveness of an enclosure.

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