EPI has developed custom HEMP products that can ensure your facility meets the most stringent shielding requirements.

Handheld LDS-910 Plus


  • New version of the portable leak detection system (LDS-910 PLUS)
  • Handheld test device that tests shield effectiveness from 400-960MHz @ 1-watt transmitter power
  • Perfect for HM/HS surveillance or finding shielding leaks




Shielded Disconnect Switch


  • Provides a complete disconnection from a medium voltage power source for your facility
  • Voltage range: 5 to 17.5kV
  • Current Range: 600 to 2000A
  • Remote Control Option:  disconnect from the unprotected power source from the comfort of your control room



Shield Monitoring System


  • Realtime monitoring of your facility’s shielding levels
  • Operates in the 900MHz ISM frequency band @ 1-watt
  • From one to hundreds of monitoring points.
  • Each system is custom designed to meet your facility’s needs.