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Founded in 1990, Electric Power Inc. is a small business located in the Richmond, Virginia area. EPI is proud to serve the local community as well as the entire US and abroad. Electric Power has a reputation for hard work and a commitment to excellence. We are not satisfied until the customer is satisfied.

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High Voltage Switch Yards to Low Voltage Substations

Switchgear Maintenance and Repair

EPI specializes in testing, cleaning and maintaining your electrical system. When things go wrong, EPI will work around the clock to get you back online.

Switchgear Upgrades

We can bring your electrical system up to date, by upgrading your relays, breakers or other components.

Acceptance Testing

EPI has experience testing all types electrical distribution and has commissioned many power plants.

Transformer Services

EPI services all types of transformers. This includes oil processing, regasketing, bushing changeouts, leak repairs and full testing.

Life Cycle Extension

EPI can extend the life of your switchgear with circuit breaker overhauls, retrofits or protective relay upgrades.

Power System Studies

EPI Specializes in Arc Flash, Coordination, Fault and Harmonic studies of your power system. Our engineers can get the information you need about your power system.

Generator Controls

EPI has experience with small and large systems with multiple generators and multiple utility sources. From small standby systems to complex co-generation or peak shaving solutions, EPI can help.

Data Acquisition and Control Systems

EPI has the experience to provide you with complete remote monitoring and control of your power system. Big or small we can design and customize a system with the right mix of remote monitoring and/or control to meet your needs.


Protecting Critical Systems

HEMP Testing

EPI has capabilities to test all parts of your shielded facility.

HEMP Maintenance

EPI can perform HM/HS maintenance to ensure your facility is as good as it was when it was first built. We perform pre and post work testing and help identify aging parts.

HEMP Construction

EPI has designed and built many HEMP structures. We have built portable trailer movable structures to large fixed facilities. EPI can also contruct HEMP enclosures in existing facilities.

HEMP Products

EPI has developed custom products to help the HEMP shielding effort. These include a medium voltage HEMP disconnect switch and a real-time shield effectiveness monitoring system.

HEMP Design

EPI has experience designing HEMP Hardened structures from the ground up. We can also deisgn modifications to existing shielded volumes.


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