Electric Power, Inc.

Serving with excellence since 1990

Electric Power Inc. has been located in the Richmond, Virginia area since its birth in 1990. Not only has EPI served many companies in the area, but EPI has performed work across the nation and even internationally. EPI has a reputation for a commitment to hard work and a commitment to excellence. This commitment to hard work and excellence starts with the lead engineer and president of EPI and continues down to even the first year technician. EPI is committed to serving our customers in many different areas pertaining to power systems. Some of the areas EPI specializes in are the following: Power Plant Commissioning, Transformer Services, Circuit Breaker and Switchgear Rebuild, Electrical Testing, Power Systems Studies, Switchboard Design, HEMP Shielding Testing, Repair and Maintenance. EPI also has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing a variety of products including Generator Controls, Custom Switchgear, Relay Panels, Motor Controls, Data Acquisition and Control Systems and HEMP Shielded Enclosures.

EPI can be reached by voice at (804) 778-7735, by fax at (804) 778-7278 or by email at info@elecpwr.com

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